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Press Release & Media Kit 

Before we dive into our press release and media kit services, let's discuss the basics of bringing a book to market. First, ensuring that your book website content, SEO, and social media channels are optimized and generating traffic and followers is essential. Depending on your goals, presence, and previous efforts, you may also need to write a powerful press release well ahead of your book proposal to create buzz around your brand and integrate positive metrics. Either way, you will still need an irresistible book proposal; it will be more compelling to literary agents and publishers if you have verifiable proof of your book marketing competency.


Finally, a media kit can propel your marketing momentum and help you secure bookings for engagements like radio talk shows, news and podcast interviews, and other opportunities that increase your visibility and authority. Our team can help you develop a customized book marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and maximizes your exposure.

Press Release

An effective press release can establish credibility and generate interest within your industry. Our team understands the importance of precise messaging. Our press release services involve extensive research on your brand and industry, a compelling narrative, and collaboration with you to ensure an accurate representation of your brand. We can also assist in identifying suitable media outlets and journalists to distribute your release. With our press release services, you can gain increased media exposure, recognition as an industry expert, and enhanced influence. Let us help you tell your story and capture the attention you deserve.

Media Kit

A well-designed media kit can significantly increase the likelihood of getting featured by media outlets and reviewers for your newly released book. Our team recognizes the critical role of a media kit in promoting your work. It can showcase your book's strengths, extend your marketing capacity, secure speaking engagements, and inform potential partners or collaborators. While a professional press release is a crucial first step in generating interest

in your brand, having a media kit ready is equally essential to create a lasting impression.


A media kit portrays a polished and professional image of your brand and book, setting you apart from the competition and enhancing your market power. Our media kit services involve extensive research and analysis of your brand and book, designing a visually stunning and professional media kit, and creating compelling copy that effectively highlights your book's unique strengths and selling points.

The good news! Having a book and content strategy ahead of time sets you up for success and saves you from costly pitfalls.  Now that you know the basics, it's best to solidify a plan and begin implementing it while your book is undergoing copy edits and final polishing before submitting a proposal to a literary agent or publisher. 


Our team takes immense pride in our creative copywriting and design expertise, resulting in

a 100/100 success rate in helping authors achieve their desired outcomes. Let us assist you

in making a great first impression with your media kit, an indispensable component of your book marketing strategy.

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